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Civil Litigation

If you are involved in a dispute that is likely to end up in court or are being sued,  Millen Solicitors can help you. We have experience of dealing with the vast range of civil cases.  While we will strive  to negotiate a settlement, in some cases the only remedy is litigation. In these circumstances you will require an experienced litigator to ensure the best possible outcome.  We have a wealth of experience in both negotiated settlements and litigation.

If an action has been raised against you, or if you wish to pursue someone, it is important that you seek legal advice urgently.  The court sets strict timescales within which steps have to be taken by both the Pursuer and Defender.  This can be a daunting task when you are unrepresented.  Legal Aid can be available to pursue and defend civil litigations and we will assess your eligibility at the first meeting.    



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I will always be thankful to the person who advised me to instruct Millen Solicitors in Glasgow.
My situation was out of control and many others would most likely have walked away from it!! Ms Millen and her team did not!!
They took control of my situation, skillfully dealt with each issue and professionally brought all to a conclusion that I could not be any happier with. They always had my best interests at heart!!

Thanks again to all at Millen Solicitors!!

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