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Interdicts & Protective Orders

Sadly, domestic abuse continues to be perpetrated across Scotland. Such abuse is perpetrated against men, women and children and can occur across every race, religion, socio-economic group and class.

Victims should be encouraged not to suffer in silence. The long standing effects of domestic abuse on adults, both male and female, and children is well known. A zero tolerance policy against abuse in the work environment is operated and publicised in almost all businesses, however, victims often continue to suffer in silence at home.

If you or someone you know is suffering as a result of domestic abuse, you should seek advice just as soon as possible. A raft of Protective Orders can be granted at the Sheriff Court including Exclusion Orders (whereby one party is required to move from the family home), Interdicts prohibiting unlawful conduct, and Powers of Arrest. These orders can be obtained by way of emergency applications within very short timescales, and are invaluable in achieving, quickly, the removal of immediate threat. The Police also have a very pro-active attitude towards complaints of domestic abuse. Perpetrators who are arrested can expect to be made subject to conditions of Bail that preclude them from contacting victims or returning to the family home. Conditions of Bail can extend to arrangements for contact with children.

Just knowing that the perpetrator is prohibited from residing at home, or from approaching the victim, often gives victims the strength to move on from toxic and destructive relationships, and to break the cycle of repeated reconciliation. The message is clear - do not suffer in silence - seek advice and obtain Orders as necessary for your protection and the protection of any of your children. 

At Millen Solicitors we have a wealth of experience in this area. We have successfully obtained countless protective orders for our clients over the years. Each case is different, and our expert team can guide you as to the appropriate order for your particular circumstances.

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I will always be thankful to the person who advised me to instruct Millen Solicitors in Glasgow.
My situation was out of control and many others would most likely have walked away from it!! Ms Millen and her team did not!!
They took control of my situation, skillfully dealt with each issue and professionally brought all to a conclusion that I could not be any happier with. They always had my best interests at heart!!

Thanks again to all at Millen Solicitors!!

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